Marketing Funnel

THE main catalyzator in your Inbound Marketing Machine

The Marketing Funnel connects multiple channels, along with email, into one focused sequence.

The flow of reactions auto-pilots a contact on the right journey per their characteristics and Company’s objectives

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Increase in conversion rate from MQL- SQL


Increase engagement rate with

new leads and inquiry.


Revenue Increase- Buying Group Funnel structure


Decrease in Churn rate within one Quarter work

How It Works

We will work with your marketing, sales and product team in order to build the segmentation, verticals, PoTs and to create the funnel diagram which can take your leads towards the best journey to increase conversion.


Analyze the status, where is the lowest conversion rate (stages), what are the conversion rates today, which stage is your 'Achilles Heel' and why to change it.


Define the goals and the objective of the Contacts (Leads), which will go towards our new Marketing Funnel.





Together with your team, we will build, design the emails, craft the PoTs, and build the sequence on the MAP with the connectivity with analytics and ad tools.



Determine the channels and tools model we will utilize on the funnel sequence, such as knowledge sharing emails or engagement emails, Re-marketing through Paid Ads or In-Market, Landing Pages, or website pages.

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→ What is your Business Model?

THE plan pricing for Marketing Tactics are built for any size and type of company. Using specific needs, without the demand for commitments or extra fees for tactics and features, your company doesn't need.

Month to Month | No Commitments

From Generating more Contacts (Leads) or Accounts, creating awareness on Social Media or, engagements through Demand Generation (Paid Ads), develop the email sequence campaign(s) to allocate the PoT (Point of Trigger) of your Contacts and Buying Group on every point of the Full Funnel Stage.

→ What type of Tactics your Agency manages?

→ What is THE RiCH.Agency main advantage?

We are not just focusing on the click rate or open rate. With more than 15 years experience and a full-scale marketing team, we find the primary spot(s) of your marketing and sales funnel, that needs to be improved to increase engagements, build the right tactics and choose the best channel to increase these steps in the funnel.

Lilach Dekel

VP Marketing, Vimmi Communication

"Built from scratch a very efficient sales funnel, created and implemented several successful campaigns and took our marketing efforts to new heights"

VP Product & Marketing, VideoFlow

"A rare combination of thinking out of the box, a methodical approach as well as learning the market in record speed was (and still is) key for fast business growth"

Eran Shalev

Head of Business, Screenz Cross Media

"Defiantly brings new resources with specific expertise to satisfy each challenge, their professionalism and efficiency are huge assets”

Lawrence Stuart

Working with our clients to build the Inbound Machine to ensure revenue growth.

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